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    On 26-Apr-2016
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    Indian telecom industry, the second largest worldwide, supposedly will touch $37 billion mark within 2017. The figure was mere $10.7 in 2005 and industry has grown at a staggering 15% during 2008-2012 periods. India telecom news reported, the wireless tele density touched 74.55% in Jan 2015.

    No rose without a thorn: challenges before telecom providers

    After a decade of exponential growth, the telecom providers are now facing challenges to retain the progress, based on current statistics. The compound growth rate has reduced to 5.2% during 2014-2015. And the urban scene is nearly saturated. The most prominent challenges are
    • Rural penetration: The distribution of Indian rural-urban population ratio is 7:3 approximately. But only 40% of total telecom user is from the rural regions. Thus, rural India is a huge opportunity for telecom companies to flourish. But the lack of infrastructure and ineffective market penetration strategies are working against the interests of the telecom providers.
    • The cut-throat competition: Lucrative Indian telecom marketing sector has attracted several large corporations to jump on the wagon. These organizations are often quite large and try to control the market by lowering price. Such practices make telecom scenario more competitive.
    • Poor management of growing sales force: Another big challenge before the providers are proper management of increasing sales force. According to Randstand India, telecom industry will generate over 40 lakh job opportunities with 5 years. No doubt, a great chunk will be part of the sales force. Under-utilization of such huge human resource can cost a huge amount of revenue.

    Mobile sales force management: old problem, new solution

    Proper utilization of sales force can be a solution to the current situation. With proper mobile sales management, organizations can the gather the details of the customer report, report of transactions, employee activity and keep those in an organized way for future strategy development. Mobile platform based sales force automation solutions are easy and cheap to use, employees can just install it on their phones and management can have a complete view of the sales force activity. However, widely varying cultural and economic scenario can erect different kind of challenges and your mobility sales force solution should be developed keeping those factors in mind.

    GoSales: mobility solution to satisfy all of your need

    GoSales by MaxMobility is a mobility sales force management system, designed to help the telecom providers to deal with the unique challenges India telecom market offers. Its unique benefits are
    1. Easy installation: Installation of GoSales is very convenient and requires no hardware. Employees just need to install the app on their smartphone and business strategy team can observe the details field executives, outlets, and dealers.
    2. Operates on the 2g network: With GoSales, sales executives can send the images, receipts, reports etc, even when 3G network is not available. Such features will ensure uninterrupted communication when employees are operating from remote rural areas.
    3. Create journey plan: Sales managers can create a journey and operation plans and forward those to employees with GoSales. Employees can access those from their mobile and contribute to the execution of the business plan from the individual level.
    4. Generates accurate reports: Based on data sent by executives, GoSales can generate the report of the transactions, inventory, and outlets.  Management can have a complete picture of customer preference, market demand, and other crucial factors by analyzing those reports.
    5. Compatible with 3rd part ERPs: Most telecom operators in India uses 3rd party ERP systems for their organizational activities. Unlike other third party Sales automation solutions, GoSales is compatible with popular ERP systems.
    Conclusion: Indian telecom is full of opportunities for telecom brands, but poor sales force management services can hinder effective customer penetration. You can improve your sales performance with sales force solutions like GoSales.