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How to Create a Successful Retailers Loyalty Program? | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 30-Dec-2022
  • Gosales

The success score of every distributor-led business nowadays depends mostly if not majorly on retailers’ loyalty programs to create a bond of trust between the customers and brands. Needless to say, for every FMCG and sales-focused business, retailers are the primary touchpoints to influence customers and speed up the moving of goods from retail shelves. However, the paradigm shifts in shopping behavior since the pandemic has compelled businesses to revise their customer retention strategy with improved retailers’ loyalty program.

The latest motto of retail businesses is to treat each customer with a humane touch and not just numbers. Brands that primarily depend on the retailer-distributor network are now focusing to improve their equation with the retailers first through loyalty programs, as a strategy for business conversion and market share retention.

What are the two main types of retailer loyalty programs?

The one type is offered by the retailers to customers to encourage revisit and influence them to become loyal to their store.

And the other kind is offered by the companies to their retail partners to ensure proper shelf occupancy and display of their products, loyalty for connecting customers with the brand through interaction, and influencing customers to rebuy their products.

Both online and offline retailers act as crucial touchpoints of the brands or companies in influencing the market and audience to the best of their interests.

Smarter ways to generate retailer loyalty program:

To survive the digitally driven fast-paced market, FMCG companies have started using web-based solutions like sales force automation to simplify the ideation, generation, and application of loyalty programs for retailers. Automating retailer loyalty programs is the fastest and easiest way to retailer satisfaction and business conversion.

Looking forward to a promising and profitable equation with your retail partners? Switch to GoSales, a mobile-first sales force automation software curated by MaxMobility. Here is how GoSales help you implement retailer loyalty program better and faster in 7 simple ways through Coupon generation, Coupon inventory management, Loyalty point accumulation & redemption, and QR code coupon redemption.

The GoSales vendor app has a coupon code management option that enables retailers to scan the QR code behind the product for collecting coins and redeem them accordingly to their bank account.

7 simple ways to create retailer loyalty for the offline product segment

  • Sharing a slice of the revenue margin with the retailer on the selling of your product is an effective way to create effective loyalty. This will encourage retailers to ensure the swift selling of your products and make way for the new batch.
  • Assisting in the branding of the retail store through attractive banners and displays in the local market is a proven way to benefit both manufacturers and retailers.
  • Sharing crucial customer data like their shopping behavior, target segment, and preference with the retailer through a unified app like GoSales enable the fastest moving of consumer goods through engaging customer and retail representative interaction.
  • By using a SaaS-enabled solution like GoSales, you ensure smooth and error-free product monitoring, sales tracking, and ordering for your retail partner, which saves time, and resource and ensure seamless inventory management for faster shelf respacing and accelerate sales.
  • GoSales vendor app enables you to view the collected points of the retailers and when and where they are using it.
  • Communicate the latest reward schemes to your loyal clients to keep them motivated
  • This unified app with easy to use interface offers a smooth user experience for retailers and distributors for easy coin collection and redemption.

Reasons why companies are prioritizing retailer loyalty programs

Capture customer attention: This is especially applicable to the offline retail store where the shelf positioning of the product plays a major role in capturing customer attention and tickling interest. Unless a customer is seriously loyal to a brand, they won’t focus on other alternatives and will add to their cart the product they first see on the shelf. To capture the most focused position on the shelf, the FMCG companies maintain a win-win equation with the retailer through loyalty programs.

Special recommendation: This mostly happens in offline retail stores when the retailer can influence a confused customer by recommending your products. To ensure the retailer remains loyal to your brand, loyalty reward is the best way out to keep the retailers happy and smoothly running your business. Remember, the more you increase the loyalty perks for your retail partner the better would be the sales margin. And using a unified integrated sales force automation app like GoSales simplifies the entire process with real-time sales updates and reward notifications.

Dual profit: Once your retail partner turns loyal and helps in the fastest selling of the products, re-ordering will happen to meet the scaling demand. This will not only benefit you financially but also helps in creating and capturing the market and guarantees a long-term retail partnership.

Now you too can reap immeasurable benefits from your retail partners by using GoSales, a next-gen SaaS-powered sales force automation app by MaxMobility. GoSales’s easy-to-use interface offer a smooth user experience for you to generate and offer lucrative retailers loyalty programs that keep both your retail partners and consumers beam ear to ear.

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