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How to Identify the Best Ecommerce Platforms for Start-Ups | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 20-Oct-2020
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E-Commerce is a great option to boost your cash flow through automated shopping facilities which can help generate a smooth flow of short-term revenue as your customers can shop from anywhere at any time, without any hassle. 1. E-commerce platforms in India provide a scope to break free of the limit those physical outlets impose, allowing business owners to sell their product of inventory stock to the entire world. Ecommerce can make bigger sales networks across geographical boundaries to reach a wider number of countries. Consumers search products online to gather data and evaluate options available. Hence, search engine optimization can be used strategically to boost your brand’s visibility to potential customers across the globe. 2. E-commerce platforms in India can help you spread your business all over the globe, catering to people of all ages. ● Content is the key to communicate E-commerce platforms in India or in other countries depend on high-quality content to achieve their desired goals. Great content creates immense interest and adds value to the target audience, thereby enhancing conversions. Recent research reveals that 80% of people prefer learning about a business through the content present on the site. Good-quality, engaging, and useful content can induce your site visitors to take action in your favour. Here’s how you can please and amaze your audience with an impactful content strategy. ● Necessity of an effective ‘About Us’ page: The ‘About Us’ page is the one of the most significant pages of a website that can differentiate your brand from your competitors. Yet, this part is usually overlooked by many businesses. This page is a scope to narrate your brand story to build trustworthiness and customer faith. ● Providing instructional content: The best E-commerce platforms for start-ups are extremely vital. But now you already know that content is the king! Providing instructional or how-to content is a popular way to engage your audience and fulfil their urge for knowledge. E-commerce marketers believe in a variety of digital marketing techniques to improve traffic. ● Improving user-generated content: User-generated content can help you generate good-quality, authentic, and authentic content for your brand, enabling you to surpass the competition. However, 79% of customers share that UGC has an important impact on their purchase decision ● Prioritize the entire customer experience: Customer experience is not merely about sales experiences. Every step in the sales cycle and beyond offer a great opportunity to make customers feel happy, excited, enabling you to differentiate yourself from the competition. Nowadays, the mantra is ‘Sell solutions, not items!’ To make your brand stand apart, you need to survey, research and listen to your customers, offer solutions, resolve issues, and allow them to connect to your brand without any hassle. ● Gain customer trust: Building the trust of your customers is one of the most important ways to stay out of the competition and enhance your endeavour. But gaining customer trust can be challenging, especially when you are trying to grab the market for the first time. ● Partnership with other brands and influencers: The best E-commerce platforms for start-ups rely on influencer marketing. Partnering with other brands and influencers can add a degree of advantage to your start-up and enhance your online reputation. The need to reach out to the influencers, micro-influencers, bloggers, and reporters in your domain to bring a trustworthy voice to your brand is necessary. ● Customer reviews display: Reviews, recommendations and ratings always boost a brand’s online credibility. Thus, it is necessary to flaunt the average ratings and customer reviews on your ‘About Us’ and every product page. Later on, you can provide a simple incentive such as a discount or credit points to inspire customers to leave an online review for your brand. ● Customer service: Providing satisfactory customer service will not only boost customer loyalty and retention but also make your reputation as a customer-centric organization. ● Benefits of multiple payment options: You can offer a wide range of popular payment gateways, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient checkout experience. ● Lucrative return and refund policy: According to research, 67% of shoppers check a site’s returns policy page before making the decision of any purchase. So, if you aren’t providing supportive returns and refund policies, customers will not show interest towards your brand. ● Multiple shipping options: You need to provide your customers a reason to choose your products over your competitors by offering flexible and lucrative shipping options. Last but not the least, the competition in the e-commerce arena is challenging and tricky. With millions of businesses targeting the e-commerce segment, it can be an ordeal for start-ups to differentiate their brand from the rat race. Hence, there is no shortcut or easier way to crack the market instantly with your start-up in this competitive environment. However, implementing the digital strategies shared in this write-up can make your brand stand out amidst numerous e-commerce stores across India. To get success through your online store, you have to believe in fluidity throughout the whole e-commerce chain. This means more than just creating a business online, you should have to select amongst the best e-commerce Platforms for start-ups in India. GoCommerce is a unique platform introduced by MaxMobility where you can easily market your products across the country, without any hassle. You can get your site ready in 15 days at a competitive price.