• How to Market Your Ecommerce Platform for Start-up in a Cost-effective Way

How to Market Your Ecommerce Platform for Start-up in a Cost-effective Way

Posted By Max Mobility
On 28-Sep-2020
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Finding the pain points of your customer and offering them products as per their requirement can help you scale your online business and make you stand out among the other online marketplaces. Through e-commerce platforms in India, you can spread your business all over the globe, catering to people of more or less all ages.

● Content speaks louder than everything

E-commerce platforms in India or in other countries use quality content to achieve their desired goals. Great content creates interest and adds value to the target audience, thereby inspiring conversions. Recent research reveals that 80% of people prefer learning about a business through the content on the site.

Good-quality, engaging, and useful content can convince your site visitors to take action in your favour. Here’s how you can satisfy and amaze your audience with an effective content strategy.

❖ Have an impactful ‘About Us’ page

The ‘About Us’ page is the most significant page of a website that can differentiate your brand from your competitors. Yet, this part is commonly overlooked by most businesses. This page is a chance to narrate your brand story to build trustworthiness and customer trust.

❖ Providing instructional content

The best E-commerce platforms for start-ups are the need of the hour. But you need to remember that content is the king!

Providing instructional or how-to content is a popular way to engage your audience and fulfill their urge for knowledge. E-commerce marketers use a variety of digital marketing strategies to improve traffic.

❖ Boost UGC

User-generated content can help you generate good-quality, authentic, and authentic content for your brand, enabling you to surpass the competition. However, 79% of customers share that UGC has an important impact on their purchase decision

● Focus on the whole customer experience

Customer experience is not merely about sales experiences. Each step in the sales cycle and beyond provide an opportunity to make customers feel excited, allowing you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Sell solutions, not items

To make your brand stand apart, you need to follow and listen to your customers, provide solutions, resolve issues, and allow them to connect to your brand.

● Earn customer trust

Building the trust of your customers is one of the most significant ways to differentiate yourself from the competition and boost your venture. But winning customer trust can be challenging, especially when you are trying to penetrate the market for the first time.

❖ Associate with other brands and influencers

The best E-commerce platforms for start-ups believe in influencer marketing. Partnering with other brands and influencers in your can add a degree of advantage to your start-up and enhances your online reputation. Reach out to influencers, micro-influencers, bloggers, and reporters in your domain to bring a trustworthy voice to your brand and promote trust.

❖ Display customer reviews

Reviews, ratings, and recommendations empower a brand’s online credibility. Thus, it is essential to flaunt the average ratings and customer reviews on your ‘About Us’ and each product page. Further, you can provide a small incentive such as a discount or credit points to encourage customers to leave an online review for your brand.

❖ Offer excellent customer service

Offering satisfactory customer service will not only enhance customer loyalty and retention but also build your reputation as a customer-centric company.

● Offer multiple payment options

You do want your consumers to complete the purchase transaction, right? Well then, offer a wide range of popular payment gateways, ensuring a smooth and convenient checkout experience.

● Have a great return and refund policy

According to research, 67% of shoppers check a site’s returns policy page before making the decision of any purchase. So, if you aren’t providing supportive returns and refund policies, customers will not purchase from you.

● Offer flexible shipping options

Give your customers a reason to select you over your competitors by providing flexible shipping options.

Last but not the least, the competition in the e-commerce space is challenging and tough. With millions of businesses targeting the e-commerce segment, it can be difficult for start-ups to differentiate their brand from the competition.

Hence, there is no easy way to bang on instantly with your start-up in this competitive environment. However, implementing the digital strategies shared in this write-up can make your brand stand out amidst a plethora of e-commerce stores across India.

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