• How to Optimize Your Direct-to-Store Delivery Operations with Van Sales Automation? | MaxMobility

How to Optimize Your Direct-to-Store Delivery Operations with Van Sales Automation? | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 14-Dec-2022
  • Gosales

The success and trust value of every modern FMCG business relies totally on customer satisfaction. The faster the products reach store shelf, the more credible a brand become over time in winning customers and outperforming competitors. To ensure their products never goes out of stock, leading FMCG companies are using Van Sales Automation to enable the fastest and most transparent direct-to-store delivery by eliminating the complex wholesaler-distributor network.

What is Van Sales Automation? 

Van Sales Automation technology is to remotely streamline your van sales and inventory management, and automate field force for accurately meeting the demand and supply target in the retail stores. Designed specifically for FMCG businesses, GoSales by MaxMobility is approved as a top-notch Van Sales Automation software by industry experts for accurately managing every crucial component of the sales ecosystem at one go.

Why FMCG businesses are rapidly moving to Direct to store delivery?

Needless to say, the ultimate aim for any business is to generate sales, fetch higher returns, and creates an unshakeable brand value. And for every supply chain business, meeting this simple business thumb rule is getting tougher with spiking demand for timely delivery. Failing which, can adversely impact the brand value and make way for others competitors to capture the market. A minute of delay from warehouse dispatch to store shelf decides the fate of the product and manufacturer in the highly competitive demand-supply market. The conventional distributor-led business is a huge turn-off for FMCG companies in timely meeting the market demand by surpassing the complex and massive web of wholesalers, dealers, and distributors. To avoid this hectic and time-consuming process, leading FMCG companies are shifting to the Direct-to-Store delivery (DSD) model, to supply their products directly to the retail store, which has accelerated both sales velocity and the sales volume. However, the only condition for a successful DSD business model is accurate stock and inventory management. To minimize redundancy and maximize accuracy, leading FMCG companies are using Van Sales Automation to become consumers’ no.1 choice by streamlining their direct-to-store delivery channel.

Accelerate your sales and revenue margin with GoSales, a feature-packed Van Sales Automation Software

Managing a supply-chain business is all about meeting the satisfaction score of end customers. And in the era of online reviews, it takes a fraction of a second to lose your business to rivals. To help you smartly manage your directly-to-store delivery operations, we have GoSales at your service. Scroll down for a detailed read on GoSales functionalities.

360-degree field force management

Using this mobile-first sales force automation solution is the key to remotely monitoring and managing your field force, a major part of the supply-chain business. With GoSales SFA, you can assign daily targets to the salesperson and monitor the same and generate instant sales data through personalized reports. You can also review the number of orders, the number of products sold, the daily revenue report, and the number of new retailers and consumers with instant reporting by the on-field sales team.

Uninterrupted stock management: 

With GoSales from your phone or desktop you get accurate details of stock, monitor stock movement from the warehouse to the store, and get current notifications on the app and desktop dashboard.

Seamless inventory management:

Transparent and accurate inventory management is the key to boosting sales velocity and sales volume in the supply chain. And GoSales help you in accurately manage inventory with live image capturing and sharing of SKUs and tracking inventory from manufacturers to the point of sales. Tracking inventory with GoSales ensure your products reach the right place at the right time.

Geo-fencing enabled location tracking:

GoSales enable you to track your inventory carrier with complete transparency and accuracy through live location tracking. This reduces additional transport costs, time theft, and verifying claims for travel allowance requests. Now optimize your direct-to-store delivery operations with GoSales, a revolutionary Van Sales Automation software designed by MaxMobility. Request a free demo today to digitally transform your supply chain business.