• How To Use Mobile Sales Force Automation To Maximize Your Profits?

How To Use Mobile Sales Force Automation To Maximize Your Profits?

Posted By Max Mobility
On 15-May-2023
  • Mobile Sales Force Automation Software

The commercial importance of mobile sales force automation is expected to reach $7,773 million by 2023 according to a report by Allied Market Research. This latest market insight implies the estimated market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.6% from 2017-2023 and businesses now are going to harness the power of automation in sales and distribution more than ever.


What is mobile sales force automation?

A mobile sales force automation software runs on mobile-first technology that enables users to manage sales and distribution using convenient mobile apps. GoSales is one of a kind 360-degree mobile sales force automation app designed for you to manage, monitor, and track all sales and distribution activities and communication at your fingertips. This feature-rich sales force automation software is designed to accurately micro-manage every critical sales and distribution factor, lending your business a competitive edge over others. 


5 proven ways to maximize profit with mobile sales force automation software:

Using GoSales mobile sales force automation software can reap rewarding benefits for your sales-focused business when you know to use it the right way. 


Automates field sales process: Got a large on-field sales team to manage? Simplify everyday sales team tracking and monitoring with 100% accuracy using GoSales. Now you can assign everyday tasks to your sales team with a pre-journey plan (PJP) and the concerned sales executive is instantly notified of the tasks once they log in through the app. If you are a sales manager or sales team leader, you can generate instant personalized field reports from the sales executives and receive high-quality data and images even in a 2G network.


Ensure fair trade: With GoSales from your phone, you can have a dotting watch through the multi-tier distributor, dealer, and retailer network and have maximum transparency in every communication and dealing. Market price and scheme manipulation at the dealer and distribution level is a recurring issue in any sale-focused business, especially FMCG. If not checked timely, price manipulation can lead to consumer dissatisfaction and harm brand impression in the market. GoSales enable you to segment and manage the pricing of each product by maximum retail price and distributor level price and automates providing discounts and schemes wherever applicable.


Accurate inventory management: Using GoSales mobile sales force automation helps you to manage inventory more efficiently. By automating tracking inventory with GoSales, you can now efficiently manage your product stock and prevent stock-outs. Trusted by more than 500+ commercial giants, GoSales helped these leading brands with improved customer satisfaction and drove more sales.


Streamline order management: Any sales-focused business prioritizes consumer satisfaction first, which is possible only with efficient order management. By using the GoSales app from your phone, you experience an increase in sales and retain and maintain excellent customer relations. Digitizing your order management with GoSales helps in boosting customer satisfaction, reduces the time to record orders, and maximizes order size through the auto-suggestion of schemes.

Reducing operational costs: With GoSales from your phone, you can seamlessly track your field sales agent for each and every transaction and communication. You can cross-verify the travel allowance requests and avoid unwanted extra expenses from draining your company’s annual budget.

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