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Impact of SFA in Consumer Electronics | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 17-Jun-2019
  • Sales Force Automation

The global sales force automation market is expected to reach $7,773 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 10.6% from 2017. A sales force automation app allows companies to automate processes such as invoice generation, lead tracking, managing orders, and track teams in real-time. Sales force automation tools empower sales teams to work more efficiently than they can ever, without it. These solutions offer features such as sales forecasting, analytics, and data visualization to streamline the entire sales process and digitize sales. Mobile sales force automation software are rising in popularity, thanks to the mobile workforce of today. The global mobile workforce is set to increase from 1.52 billion in 2017- accounting for almost 40 percent of the entire workforce, to 1.88 billion in 2023- accounting to over 43 percent of the entire working population. The latest mobile devices are able to meet all needs of this growing population, which is why organizations want their sales teams to get onboard a mobile platform which can help them work from anywhere in the world.

Sales Force Automation Tools & Consumer Electronics Companies:

The electronics products industry is the most flourishing and diversified sector comprising of suppliers, manufacturers, electricians, engineers, equipment manufacturers, and trade unions. Since flexibility is crucial in such an environment, the field service automation software for this industry should be intelligent, centralized, and responsive. Sales executives in the consumer electronics space are using technology to gain a competitive edge in this highly competitive global market. When sales reps have in-depth insights about their buyers, they manage customer relationships effectively and have more productive conversations. However, sales reps in the consumer electronics sector only consider technology in a supporting role, for they are not IT experts. Most sales force automation tools available in the market are too much for the less technically bent sales reps. Here comes the resistance to change! Get an easy-to-use customized sales force automation software built only for you! While sales executives want to bring in positive outcomes that technology serves, they don’t want to unnecessarily experiment with technology for the sake of it. This is why some consumer electronics companies are not utilizing their sales technology to its full potential. The solutions they have are hard to learn, unintuitive, and complex. Consider a case: Let’s say, a sales rep plans a visit to nearby local stores to check compliance with distribution, pricing, and promotions. They would also want to gather activity on the sidelines about competitive products and give information about upcoming promotions. When these tasks constitute different parts of their sales force automation app, they would obviously find the entire process difficult and frustrating. The solution is for companies to empower their sales reps with a customized sales force automation solution that offers an intuitive user experience.

What Happens with the Right Sales Force Automation Solution?

With a customized, feature-rich, and seamless sales force automation tool, here’s what sales reps can achieve-
  • Better visit planning - When sales reps are given easy access to the data and application they need, it helps them plan a visit in the right order. This, instead of them having to fish for the function they are trying to implement or search frantically for the part of the app that captures data. A streamlined app would give them more time to strategize each visit.
  • Improve visit productivity - When sales reps in consumer electronics visit a store, they have a list of objectives to fulfill and a time crunch. It’s tedious to ensure the pricing and positioning of products is optimal. Moreover, they need to discuss the results of promotions with the store manager and record each part of the process for further analysis. Sales force automation software are making these visits more productive for sales reps as their managers can inform them in real-time about high-priority promotions and products. With an intuitive app, this data can be combined with a store’s history and gaps can be discovered in the course of action.
  • Harness the perfect store - Consumer electronics companies define a perfect store by the way it promotes and positions their products to optimize sales. This tag is given to any store after measuring a few key KPIs such as shelf share, pricing compliance, promotion compliance, out-of-stock rates, and so on. Consumer electronics companies can empower their sales reps to immediately view the key KPIs for each store through their app instead of having to go through a long list. This can result in more sales by saving time and effort.
Explore some of the features of a sales force automation software for consumer electronics companies:
  • Field force tracking
  • Attendance management
  • Order booking and management
  • Payment collection
  • Competition tracking
  • Audits and surveys
  • Reporting and dashboards
These applications of an SFA software can streamline processes for sales reps in consumer electronics companies and simplify operations for them. In turn, sales reps can do their work more efficiently and yield better results in terms of sales and revenue!

SFA Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata, India Catering to Global Businesses:

The benefits of SFA software for consumer electronics are clear. But, these advantages can only be realized in a solution when it is meticulously developed by an expert team of developers and designers. We house such a team at Maxmobility. Along with our professional developers, our designers, and product consultants, you can expect to get a solution that would work on your unique needs and cater to your specific requirements. When you get an off-the-shelf sales force automation solution, you might need to customize it to suit your needs, or worse, compromise with your application as it simply wasn’t built keeping your sales reps in mind. We believe every business is different. Therefore, we consult you on the possible roadmap, chalk out a strategy, and then build an SFA software only for you. Ready to transform your sales process? Reach out to us today!