• Mobile App- The better way to get connected to the world

Mobile App- The better way to get connected to the world

Posted By Max Mobility
On 07-Sep-2017
  • Digital Transformation

With the growing explosion of smart phones, the prices of the phones are getting cheaper and more affordable. Along with this, the internet users are increasing exponentially. The increase in the volume of users has expanded the mobile industry in leaps and bounds. By the end of this year, it is expected that there will be more than 10 billion devices on the internet.  There are a few things that the mobile app development company in Kolkata should know to keep themselves updated with the latest trends. Cross-platform and cross-device development Apps are no more restricted to a single platform. But, Android due to its pricing will always hold the highest position and rule on this platform in terms of sales and the IOS will always rule the higher end market. With time, the application will no more be limited to a single platform. With the fruition of HTML5, the future mobile apps are going to experience the hybrid mobile app which will work on all platforms. IoT Application Applications have made the human race very lazy and lethargic, but that does not stop the developers to develop innovative applications. There are still more to come in the future. Hence, the IoT will help us to have better control on the things around us via applications. Apps like Google Glass, Apple Watches are just the starting. At present, customers are experiencing some really eye catching models of IoT apps like Self driving cars, fridges that read your tweets, and rings that control everything and much more. With time, the usage of these apps will increase tremendously. Developer Tools As mobile app industries are launching hundreds and thousands of applications every year, the pressure to create an app in short period of time with zero error is increasing drastically. The businesses are also in a rush to develop and launch and shape the apps ASAP to stay in the competition. Programming interfaces and software developer kits have made it possible to launch the apps in a shorter period of time. With time, more advancement in these apps is expected that would add up more software kits to it. Enterprise Mobile Apps The current trend focuses on customer centric apps but in future, the focus is expected to be shifted to more of enterprise apps. The enterprises are keener to shell out their money for offering the customers the product that they are looking for. The mobile application also benefits the enterprises to stay up to date with the latest technology trending in the market. Location-based services As all our day to day work, say ordering grocery or calling an electrician are all done through apps, the demand for location apps are growing faster. These apps locate your place easily and give us the resources nearby to the location. In the near future, the demand for these apps will increase from both customer and enterprise end because of its location detection ability. Cloud computing apps 2015 was the year which has seen the merger of various apps through cloud-computing. Enterprises are now shifting their database to cloud for more security and the ISP’s very cleverly using this opportunity to streamline their businesses by offering nominal chargers for providing the services. Cloud is popular because the end user can access their data from anywhere with zero risks of data corruption. Mobile security apps With the increase in the use of app based smart phones for filling banking applications and accessing other personal data, the mobile security has now become a major agenda to work upon. Mobile security apps can help the enterprises and customers from a data breach of their personal information. Hence, if the developers are aware of all these updates then, they can be expected to design and develop better mobile apps in future.