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The Ultimate App Ideas to Boost your Webinar Audience Engagement | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 26-Nov-2020
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What is that universal unique point about the digital world that makes digital marketing all the rage now? Accessibility, of course! It is hard to resist a marketing campaign that is available to your customers at the click of a mouse. One innovation leads to the next, and that is why Mobile App Development Companies keep coming up with newer apps and features to boost the webinar experience. The sheer popularity of webinars is owing to the fact that you are just one push notification away from connecting with the ideas of business masterminds.

1. In today’s digital world, innovative apps are an area with a lot of promise. For instance, we at MaxMobility provided a 360-degree Virtual view solution to Ambuja Neotia, one of our esteemed channels. This feature provides a virtual view of the property to the user. With enhanced options like zoom, rotation, and other handy features this solution has considerably enhanced their app experience.

Similarly, when Tata Docomo and CNBC TV18 organised “DoBig”, mobile app development companies were faced with the dual challenge of building a platform best suited for thought leaders to interact, as well as optimizing audience engagement. “DoBig” is a series of events that provides business leaders a forum to discuss emerging technology and market trends. MaxMobility bagged the project with ingenious app solutions such as Speaker Details, Live Webcast, Live Polling, and ‘Raise Question’ features.

Webinars are comparatively a recent trend in Indian digital marketing. The webinar experience is likely to evolve majorly in the coming years, and some of these ideas can help it reach a different paradigm altogether.

2. Networking: It’s Why We Attend Webinars At All!

As anticipated, webinars do attract a large audience, and the numbers are ever growing. The real disconnect happens after the webinar ends. One of the features to work on could be to provide a platform where attendees can reconnect after the webinar to share insights and related information. A record of the attendees and speakers also provides a database for the target audience for future webinars. Not to mention, word of mouth marketing can be a big play here!

3. Taking Product Displays Digital

Remember our virtual reality app for Ambuja Neotia? You could get one made too! Best of all - you can show it to the audience who turns up at your webinar. It becomes like a digital product showcase and your audience can even virtually ‘try on’ your product. What could lead from this is a productive Q&A about the product. You would also be attracting an audience that’s already interested in you and has invested about 30 minutes to an hour on your webinar. How likely are they to convert? You let us know once you have tried it out!

4. Provide an experience to go back to

You have got your audience where you want them. But now you want them to keep coming back and attending your webinars. What McKenzie has done very well is that it has created an app on which it releases all of its latest articles and podcasts, much like a news app. What you can do is upload all your webinar sessions, recorded live or prerecorded on to an app where people can access it any time, any where. This not only builds content to attract newer audiences to subsequent webinars, but also keeps the people already impressed with you in tune with what you are planning next. You can post company updates, knowledge-based videos, research articles, dates of new webinars on this platform. It just gives you another way to reach out to an already engaged audience. Of course, don’t forget to mention its existence on your webinar!

5. These are some of the many ideas to enhance webinar experience and diminish the disconnect between presenters and their target audience. Developing app feature ideas for webinars is an almost organic process, evolving as newer ideas strike and making the webinar experience come alive for both parties. As one of the top Mobile App Development Companies in India, we at MaxMobility have bridged the gap between our client brand leaders and their end customers by using various out-of-the-box tools and creative solutions. Therefore, we understand the potential of the webinar experience as one of the major thought leadership and digital marketing tools. We hope that you leverage technology to your marketing advantage for your upcoming webinars!