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Top 5 advantages of distributor management system over traditional systems | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 31-Oct-2022
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As technology is rapidly transforming every aspect of operations and resource management, leading FMCG companies have deployed innovations to streamline their multi-tier distribution channel. Since then there is no looking back for these enterprises on unlocking the diverse advantages of distributor management systems.

On-the-go distributor management was a hard-to-achieve alien concept unless sales force automation software debuted in the scene. Advanced sales-focused businesses are now fully reliant on this new-age distribution management system to get things done quicker and better at just a click away. Still not convinced? Brace up for a gripping read to remodel your traditional distribution management system with advanced distribution management software.


1. Manual distribution woes: Managing the multi-tier distribution channel is the most complex concern for every sales manager of an extensive FMCG or e-commerce business. Keeping a close tab on each dealing from warehouse, distributor, and retailer to last-end delivery is an everyday complex chore of a manual system leading to mounting confusion and inefficiencies.

2. Advanced distribution management solution: By integrating advanced sales and distribution management software, you can now monitor every level of product movement among dealers, distributors, retailers, and salespeople with complete transparency and accuracy. Integrating sales force automation also eliminates mismanaged distributor-level pricing manipulation and enables fair pricing by monitoring secondary and tertiary sales with perfection.


3. Manual inventory management woes: For every bustling FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) or retail business, inventory management plays a key role to stay consumers’ favorite. With a traditional system, inventory or stock management goes for a toss leading to insufficient stock and product delivery delays that directly and adversely impact sales.

4. Advanced distribution management solution: With a custom mobile sales force automation, you now can accurately track van sales and inventory management to ensure buyers are not irked with out–of–stock notice and the market demand for the product is perfectly met.


5. Manual order management: The old model of order management is full of errors and lagging that leads to inefficient product management and insufficient information due to a lack of communication and coordination. Such an extensive manual intervention not only cause inaccuracy but also a lot of paperwork leading to inefficient resource management and mounting maintenance costs.

6. Advanced distribution management solution: When armed with a feature-packed sales force automation (SFA) solution, the entire facet of order management becomes easier as a snap. It enables both the sales manager and field personnel to manage each order or product according to name, quantity, and price, applying discounts, and also gathering and analyzing customer feedback, everything under one umbrella.

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