• Unlock the secrets of using Sales Force Automation to boost Customer Service | MaxMobility

Unlock the secrets of using Sales Force Automation to boost Customer Service | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 23-Jun-2022
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Surveys have shown that a moderate improvement in customer service has caused an average revenue increase of $823 million over three years for a company with $1 billion in annual revenues. Even the sheer vastness of this number is nothing compared to the possibilities of enhanced customer service for your business.

MaxMobility, one of the leading Mobile App Development Companies in India, takes you through the checkpoints of how you can boost customer experience with the right Sales Force Automation Tools.

Our leading edge Sales Force Automation App, GoSales, has received wide acclaim across retail and FMCG industries. We conducted a survey where over 96% users claimed that they have received positive returns from using this solution.

The Digital Transformation phenomenon that is taking the market by storm focuses is pivoted on two major hinges - Process Automation and a better customer experience.

What is Customer Experience?

From the moment a customer interacts with your brand to the moment he/she buys and uses your product or service, it is an experience that he/she is going through. If you went to a restaurant that served you undercooked food and the waiters were rude, you wouldn’t visit there again, would you?

The same way, customers are experiencing every aspect of your business and analyzing whether or not it is a pleasant interaction for them. This is quite literally what customer experience really is.

Not only is Customer Satisfaction Index one of your prime KPIs, it hangs on a very delicate balance between informative customer interaction and seamless purchase processes. Almost 51% of entire consumers testified that after one negative experience, they will not have anything further to do with a brand.

Do you know how many brands manage to leave an impression on customers? Less than 12% of the brands in total! So what do you need to work on to get one of those enviable spots? The answer is simpler than you think.

Customer experience hinges on both the product and people from your brand who your consumers interact with. Since you are the domain expert for your product, we wouldn’t want to make any suggestions there. But when it comes to the service you provide, we have a few ways to make it better!

Watch the video to find out!


But how do you know if your customer experience efforts have paid off?


Here are some ways:

  1. CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) : CSAT is one of the most important metrics that can help you stay on track. You can collect quantitative and qualitative feedback from various communication channels such as live chat, email surveys, or telephonic interactions.
  2. Churn rate : This keeps track of the average number of consumers that left your business without leaving a review. You can pit your unique survey responses against average churn rate for a comprehensive view of where you stand wrt to your customers.
  3. Loyalty Measurement by tracking affective and behavioral patterns : Although, this is also based on your product satisfaction, successful customer interactions form a major part of this. Customer recommendations and repurchase patterns throw considerable light on your customer service satisfaction index.
  4. Social media monitoring tools : The immense reach and relevance of social media in marketing is undeniable. You can use social media monitoring tools such as Brand 24, Mention, etc. to track overall user satisfaction and behaviour patterns.
  5. Net Promoter Score : NPS is one of the crucial hinges of your customer satisfaction survey. NPS tools divide your customer base into three categories - Promoters (satisfied, loyal customers who are likely to refer you to others,) Passives (Satisfied but vulnerable to competitive offers,) and Detractors (Unsatisfied customers increasing the scope of negative word-of-mouth impact on your brand.


With Digital transformation on the rise, Customer behaviour and customer policies are both changing. Well-acclaimed surveys indicate how 90% of brands are going to turn social media platforms into customer service touchpoints. Companies are increasing the number of Customer Data Platforms (CDP)s to meet the new-age consumers’s changing expectations. Sales Force Automation Apps are equally instrumental in revolutionizing your customer service experience. We have already told you how to track the effectiveness of the strategies you employ. For a complete guide on how SFA can get your Customer Satisfaction Index soaring, watch this YouTube video.


Join hands with SFA to transform your customer service options this new year. Embrace the change!