• What Are the Benefits of Sales Force Automation Software for The Spices Industry? | MaxMobility

What Are the Benefits of Sales Force Automation Software for The Spices Industry? | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 02-Feb-2023
  • Sales Force Automation

Sales force automation (SFA) is rapidly becoming the dearest operational tool for enterprises in digitizing every aspect of the sales and distribution ecosystem. Leading FMCG brands and sales-focused enterprises like the spice industry are reaping the rewarding benefits of SFA in driving sales, boosting productivity, and enabling last-mile visibility.

Sales and Distribution woes of the spice industry:

Categorizing the Indian spice industry in FMCG might not be applicable traditionally but because of the surging ‘brand war’ now it is. But the ground reality of manual distribution management is greatly restricting the advancement of the Indian spice industry because of the following critical challenges

Inefficient field force tracking: The success of the spice industry largely depends on the efficiency of on-field sales personnel which goes for a toss in outdated sales management. Once the sales personnel are out in the field, the sales manager has no viable option but to wait for reports till the agents are back in the office. The lack of productive monitoring leads to inefficiency and malpractices that puts the brand’s image at stake.

Price manipulation: Due to a lack of transparency in the secondary and tertiary sales, the price of the spices is largely manipulated in every layer of the wide spectrum distribution channel. Such unfair trade practices majorly impact consumer behavior towards the brand that the company is unable to control.

Inefficient stock management: This is a major constraint with manual sales management as the desk manager has no clue about the retail stock status. This lack of visibility leads to considerable financial loss as every second in FMCG sales counts gain for the companies that are quicker to adopt innovation.

Unwanted operational expenses: In an outdated spice sales and distribution channel, there is always one critical month-end concern travel allowance and other unmonitored expenses. Such a piling heap of unverified travel claims leads to huge draining of resources for the spice company. And finally, the company is compelled to recover the loss by increasing the price of the spices which adversely affects its sales.

These are some critical issues with spice companies that follow the yesteryear sales-distribution system. To curb these lurking challenges, leading sales-focused giants like Keventers, ITC, Jubilant, and so on have smartly enabled GoSales automation to streamline complex distribution channels at their fingertips from anywhere. GoSales is a mobile-first 360-degree sales force automation solution designed by MaxMobility, a next-gen software product and services company in Kolkata.

Featuring 4 GoSales automation benefits to spice up your sales:

Real-time field sales tracking: By integrating GoSales with your mobile or desktop, you can live track your field salesforce irrespective of their location and can accurately review and analyze every aspect of the distribution process and offer an instant solution. As the sales manager or CEO of the spice company, you can decide the pre-journey plan for each salesperson and review targets by the number of orders, revenue generated, and orders from different retailers, including new retailers and customers. GoSales enable you to generate instant sales report that leads to faster and better decision-making and never miss a chance of losing a promising opportunity.

Seamless direct-to-store delivery: GoSales comes with van sales automation solution that enables you to directly sell your spices in the retail store and supermarket without any 3rd party interference. This in turn eliminates price manipulation in various stages of the distribution cycle and spice companies have sole authority in determining prices and applying offers or coupons. With GoSales, you can track the spice delivery van in real time which ensures a higher level of control and visibility till the last mile.

Efficient order handling: Using GoSales from your phone or other devices, you can keep a dotting watch on the current inventory and initiate actions to fulfill the market demand. This enables sales representatives to explain product features to the retailer and customers and make way for the newly launched or next batch of spice packets. This MaxMobility SaaS solution ensures improved retail management and relations through customized offerings of the retail loyalty program.

Efficient resource management: Now get rid of unwanted travel claim expenses with GoSales as its geo-fencing features alert you immediately when a field agent is out of reach and enable you to keep an accurate track of the on-field sales agents. This minimizes irrelevant travel claims and helps companies in saving resources.


Got an extensive spice sales distribution system to manage? Automate it now with GoSales, a SaaS-based distribution management system developed by MaxMobility to experience maximum efficiency, and maximum transparency, and boost maximum sales all from a single feature-rich app.

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