• Why does Distributor Led Businesses Need SFA Software? | Maxmobility

Why does Distributor Led Businesses Need SFA Software? | Maxmobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 30-Sep-2022
  • Sales Force Automation

Managing a distributor-led business as FMCG in this highly competitive post-covid scenario call for intelligent SFA software,  to accelerate maximum mobility and convenience through multi-tier distribution channels. The complex web of FMCG sales and distribution needs periodic structural revamp to survive the intense market competition. This persistent challenge has compelled the leading FMCG brands to digitize the entire manual process with revolutionary sales force automation and there was no looking back since then!

What are the potent challenges of a manually managed FMCG sales channel?

The entire gamut of FMCG sales and distribution is a complex ecosystem that involves various 3rd party heads, and unaccounted cost fluctuations besides the company sales and distribution personnel. The primary ethos of FMCG sales and distribution are timeliness, speedier deliveries, availability of stock, and end customer satisfaction, which defines the prospect of a brand. Let’s have a quick glance at some of the major challenges of a manually operated FMCG sales and distribution network and the ‘IT’ automation remedy you need.

Multi-tier channel

FMCG brands involve a complex supply chain of multi-level distributors, retailers, and stakeholders which is hard to manually track and manage. The lack of a well-organized sales and distribution system not only hinders decision-making in every stage but also leads to manipulation in trade schemes, and commodity pricing at various levels of the distribution cycle, adversely impacting the business model.

GoSales approach:

MaxMobility’s cutting-edge mobile SFA software GoSales is designed to simplify managing this complex retailers and distribution network and offer 100% transparency in every deal. By empowering your sales team with GoSales you gain improved and accurate reach to every level of distributors and retailers and categorize them according to the product type and SKUs.

Unorganized Inventory Management

Inventory/order management is one of the key aspects of distributor-led businesses to timely meet the market demand with fresh stock. In manual inventory management, the process turns laborious and inefficient leading to the unavailability or late arrival of the latest stock. This tedious inefficient process delays the entire business operations, delays in restocking, return and refund.

GoSales approach:

With the integration of GoSales into your sales and distribution system, you can seamlessly monitor the movement of every shipment from the distributor to the retailer through instant notifications from the GoSales app and on your desktop. With this state-of-art SFA software, you can monitor the current stock in a logistic van or store through instant photo capturing and sharing option.

Lack of real-time tracking and visibility

This is one of the major concerns of a manually managed FMCG sales channel where every movement of the commodity remains untraceable and so is the end visibility. Such manual nuances lead to missing links and whereabouts of the suppliers, shippers, transporters, warehouses, and customers, complicating things to the core. Plus the lack of tracking secondary and tertiary sales is a major roadblock to a manually operated sales system.

GoSales approach:

With the GoSales app on your phone, you get real-time reports on product-wise sales; track and obtain micro-level accurate reports on secondary and tertiary sales, segment products and manage pricing at every market level.

Lack of field force monitoring

Field force is the most cherished asset of FMCG enterprise that not only advertises the brand door-to-door but also generates revenue and insightful field reports for the company, deals directly with the distributors, and collects feedback. Hence manually managing such a huge network of field sales is not only tedious but a major setback for the enterprise being unable to analyze the real-time accurate market data and set the game plan accordingly. Not having access to real-time field reports of a certain product or the latest consumer approach is lethal for any FMCG business to survive the intense market game.

GoSales approach: 

By automating your field force with GoSales you achieve
  • 360-degree monitoring of field sales
  • Obtain and analyze real-time market insights
  • Instant sales report update leads to quick decision making
  • Fetch high-quality data and images even in poor network


MaxMobility’s new-age GoSales app is the best solution you must consider to transform your sales ecosystem like other leading global FMCG brands like Coca-cola, Keventers, and ITC who have gained an unrivaled market advantage with automation. Reach us now to schedule a free demo of our trailblazing SFA software.