• Why Does Your FMCG Business Needs Last-Mile Visibility? | MaxMobility

Why Does Your FMCG Business Needs Last-Mile Visibility? | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 31-Jan-2023
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The only condition of success for an FMCG business is to stay in sync with the entire process of product dispatch and movement through the complex network of dealers and distributors. Tracing accurate product movement and their whereabouts is a key aspect for FMCG businesses for fair trading and to reach the right customers at the right time. Failing which, can adversely impact the brand value of the business due to a lack of timely data and information flow, inefficient inventory management, and delay in smart decision making. 

To mitigate these pertaining challenges and enable maximum transparency in each layer of the supply chain, leading FMCG businesses have enabled automation to reap unlimited one-touch transformation.

Importance of last mile visibility:

Last mile visibility is a key aspect of FMCG enterprises to ensure the timely delivery and arrival of products. An FMCG business involves fast-moving consumer goods that have greater market demand and must reach the end customers on time through the complex multi-tier distributor channel. Tracing product movement and status through the vast network of regional and local distributor networks is the ultimate challenge for FMCG enterprises to determine their route to the retail store and reach the customer. The manual management of complex supply chain network amplify errors, missing links, and obscurity. Wondering how a lack of last-mile visibility can impact your business? 

Here are the key challenges to keep you on the edge

Lack of transparency: FMCG companies with an inefficient flow of information suffers the worst of last-mile visibility. In the era of real-time data and information flow for optimum operational efficiency, the lack of last-mile visibility badly impacts product movement through the multi-tier distribution system. Because of no real-time monitoring of product movement, company representatives are unable to track the latest happenings and prevent price manipulation at the secondary and tertiary levels. This manipulation of product pricing at micro-market levels can screw your brand value.

Lack of smart decision making: Because of expanding and pertaining communication gap of a manual supply chain network, sales managers are unable to track the product status, lack ground-level report updates, and hence are unable to make prompt problem-solving decisions. The inability to make timely smart decisions put FMCG business at risk by amplifying delay in delivery and wasting resources.

Lack of credibility: The lack of last-mile visibility directly hits your brand’s market credibility only due to a lack of transparency in sales and delivery cycles. This leads to inefficient inventory management, reduced productivity, and delays in product delivery to retail outlets. And when you are unable to satisfy your consumers with timely offerings, your brand’s credit score is likely to hit the lowest mark compared to the FMCG brands armed with automation. 


What is the best-tested way to ensure optimum last-mile visibility?

So, don’t miss your golden chance to become and stay consumer’s favorite brand by enhancing last-mile visibility in your supply chain network. Here is your chance to automate the dealer-distributors network and enable 100% last-mile visibility with GoSales, a SaaS-based mobile-first sales force automation app created by MaxMobilityPioneering FMCG brands of the world like Coca-Cola, Jubilant, Keventers, and many more are now experiencing a 360-degree holistic view of product movement till the last mile only by migrating to automation


Key GoSales benefits to expand and ensure last mile visibility:

    • The easy-to-use GoSales interface allows you to upload complete details (name and location) of the distributors, retailers, and sales agents in the database to enable accurate and transparent supply hierarchy management. By integrating GoSales with your device you can live track the product movement through the dealers' and distributors' network and prevent unfair trade practices and price manipulation.
    • Using GoSales from your phone or laptop you can easily segment and manage the product pricing at the secondary and tertiary levels and get the instant micro market level report to make an instant smart decision to reduce errors and promote productivity.
    • Improved inventory management is one of the key GoSales benefits to eliminating errors due to lack of last-mile visibility. Both on-field agents and desk managers work in sync to share stock status with live image capturing and get immediate stock on board when required. This eliminates the unwanted delay of product delivery through the distributor’s network to the retail shelf.
    • Only a next-gen distributor management system like GoSales offers you a clearer picture of secondary sales at a retailer level and micro-market level like never before.
    • GoSales offer you optimum visibility till the last end of your on-field sales agents, assigning and reviewing targets by the number of orders, new orders from different retailers, number of products sold, and a lot more from a single app.
Why GoSales is the best solution for last-mile visibility across the supply chain system?

GoSales has been intelligently curated by experts to simplify the supply chain network in just a few clicks. From real-time field force management to product movement at the secondary, tertiary, and micro market level, intuitive GoSales software delivers 100% transparency till the last mile irrespective of the network strength and location.


MaxMobility’s GoSales is an award-winning digital solution that has visibly transformed the business dimension of leading FMCG enterprises across the globe. Eminent FMCG companies like Coca-Cola, Lux, ITC, Jubilant, and many more have experienced remarkable growth, productivity, and last-mile visibility by harnessing the power of GoSales automation.

It’s time to harness the power of automation and experience nothing but 100% transparency in every layer of your supply chain business.

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