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Why 'Online Distributor Management System' Can be the Best Bet for Indian FMCG Companies | MaxMobility

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On 21-Jan-2019
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Revenue of the FMCG market in India is set to reach $103.7 billion, according to a report by Statista. Fast Moving Consumer Goods or Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are products that are sold fast and generally and widely consumed on a daily basis. Just as with every other industry, the FMCG sector has also seen a rapid shift in the way companies operate in this space.

Technologies and tools are changing how companies sell and how customers like to purchase products. Companies are not limiting innovation to their customer interface, but also revamping the way they coordinate with channel partners. With the wide availability of technology-rich solutions, organizations want to automate processes and do away with traditional approaches.

Several challenges line the path of FMCG companies and technology solutions can help solve them. FMCG businesses find it hard to manage complete and partial deliveries, track their sales force, generate invoices seamlessly, run schemes and discounts for distributors, manage inventory and stock through a mobile interface, and so on.

For large businesses, managing inventory is a huge challenge given the scale and diversity of orders. However, this holds true for small businesses also. Small distribution businesses have limited people to oversee operations and find it hard to manage inventory when they dispatch products daily.

An online distributor management system can help FMCG companies discard obsolete paperwork and turn to agile software solutions. Typically, FMCGs can use a distributor management software to manage their supply chain and logistics.

Advantages of Being An Early Adopter of Distributor Management System:

Technologies change operations and make processes more efficient. With the right tools and software, your employees can focus on better tasks that need decision making and logical thinking, leaving monotonous repetitive tasks for the machine.

When you leverage an online distributor management system, here are the competitive advantages you earn as a result-

● Boost sales - Most times, resellers take the initiative to sell what manufacturers make. Resellers, by that regard, can do a lot for the product that manufacturers cannot. Through an online distributor management system, you can empower your managers to control, monitor, and manage the distribution network- making the process hassle-free. By taking care of the complete network including inventory, payments, invoicing, order management, and delivery management, you can encourage distributors to place orders more often and in bulk quantities.

Analyze and steer business - With a holistic reports and dashboards feature that gathers data from 360 degrees, you can store all information concerning partners, stocks, clients, supplies, and suppliers in a single repository. This means the availability of authentic data for better insights and business intelligent decisions.

Manage customer relationships - Most DMS come with a customer relationship management feature. FMCG companies can ensure complete customer satisfaction as they collect customer feedback and distributor feedback through one interface. Distributors help manufacturers make key business decisions owing to the depth of the insights they provide.

Being one of the early adopters of DMS in your industry, you hold the right to gain a massive competitive edge. Automating the distributor management system can be a game-changing decision for FMCG businesses.

Features to Expect in a Distributor Management System:

Distributor management systems come with a single objective- streamlining distributor management process for FMCG companies. For these software solutions to be useful and productive for businesses, they should come with the following crucial features-

● Inventory management - Update inventory information in real-time and assure just the right amount of stock at distributors’ ends. Inventory management features in a distributor management system allow companies to forecast demand and plan inventory accordingly.

● Distributor claims management - Empower distributors to submit claims on price change, offers, schemes, discounts, and so on. Claims management processes help distributors suggest competitive pricing and maintain the interest of customers.

● Order and billing management - Allow distributors to place orders on the go with a mobile-first solution and boost sales. Generate bills to retailers and manage invoices seamlessly.

● Schemes and Discounts - Run various discounts and offer schemes for distributors at various levels of volume purchase. Notify distributors about discounts and garner better sales.

● Customized reports - Install data-driven decision making across the organization with interactive and user-friendly reports and dashboards. Gain visibility throughout enterprise and spot trends and challenges with ease. Reports are something FMCG companies can’t do without.

An online distributor management system can be your window to digital disruption. Leverage technology and improve the way you sell to distributors. An online distributor management system will plug in the loopholes in your management process with mobile-first capabilities.

Get Your Ideal Distributor Management Solution Custom-Made:

Manage costs, delivery fulfillment, orders, and inventory on the go. Since one size does not fit all, we encourage you to get a distributor management system custom-built for FMCG enterprises such as yours.

As a software development company that creates robust software solutions for all verticals and industries, MaxMobility can tailor your distributor management system according to your priorities and goals.

Install business intelligence within your organization and transform processes for massive ROIs. we help your workforce focus on what they do best. Automate monotonous tasks and delegate them to intelligent systems.

MaxMobility can be your partner when it comes to automation software. Limited not only to distributor management systems, we can expand our expertise and help you manage your remote workforce with ease.

Get a field force automation software developed for your unique requirements to solve your specific challenges. Our team of software developers can take on any productivity or efficiency hurdles you face, eliminating them with tech-rich solutions.

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