• 15 ways in which a Distributor Management System boosts your business processes | MaxMobility

15 ways in which a Distributor Management System boosts your business processes | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 01-Feb-2021
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It is of little wonder that the master rule for a successful business is always efficient management. It is interesting to note that process automation software like the Distributor Management System Software do not just optimize in-processes, but have actually contributed to as much as 35% growth in revenue.

An efficient Distributor Management System does not only regulate your down-stream supply chain, but also helps you streamline promotions, improve productivity, better customer targeting, improve sales efforts, and consolidate customer claims!

The business world is increasingly embracing automation. Sales Force Automation apps employ a leading edge Distribution Management System Software that has proved effective for over 96% of FMCG brands.

To understand this overwhelming dependency on DMS, we present you this mammoth 15-benefits model highlighting the importance of Distributor Management Systems for your business.

1. Data security is the need of the hour:

As remote accessibility rises amidst Covid times, so does the number and scope of data breaches. An efficient Distributor Management System employs several layers of security ensuring all transactional and business data is absolutely secure.


2. Efficient data management for multi-brand distributors:

Multi-brand distributors often find it very difficult to keep track of all the data and sort them into segments. But with an efficient Distributor Management Software you can bid adieu to these worries in a jiffy. Now all of your brand data - amount of sales, high-performing products, etc. are available at your fingertips.


3. Making informed business decisions based on ready reports:

Distributor management systems can generate over 40 different kinds of reports and analyses that can help CMOs make informed decisions as per strategy and stance.


4. Seamless remote accessibility options:

2000+ employees can access the database from any location at a time. Is it any wonder that DMS has been gaining popularity all the more during these Covid times. Each user’s authority in the system can also be segregated as per company specifications.


5. Keeping track of sales activities of each distributor:

One of the most critical things that sales managers need to deal with are sales metrics. Imagine a software that tracks and keeps a ready account of distributor sales efforts for your perusal? Opt for the right Distributor Management Software and you won’t be disappointed.


6. Your best resort to avoid Stock Out Scenarios:

Stock outs or overstocking is possible without real time data on demands, orders, or returns. DMS helps you avoid such situations at ease.


7. Adding layers to the Distribution chain to penetrate remote areas:

Connecting with their end-consumers in the most remote locations is a concern most businesses deal with. With an efficient DMS, you can add levels to the distribution chain and stay on top with all the data organized for you.


8. DMS helps Sales representatives with their start-of-day sales information within 2-4 minutes:

Assembling sales information, tracking sales KPIs, staying on top of customer interactions - these used to take hours. With DMS, salesperson productivity increases phenomenally because they can assemble these within minutes and start off with their day.


9. Making informed choices as per Price regulation and control:

Competitor analysis is a major concern for CMOs and sales managers. DMS gives you valuable insights into competitor pricing information to help you manage and regulate your own prices, schemes, and offers better.


10. Customer-centric & customer friendly:

Customers swear by the DMS, mainly because a convenient distribution of branded goods from manufacturers provides a variety of options within a store for them to choose from. DMS also provides bulk-breaking facilities so consumers can buy the requisites in small quantities if needed. The result? Greater number of buys and higher profits.


11. DMS boosts reseller initiatives:

Resellers do what manufacturers can not do for the product. They analyze competitor reports and provide various promotional offers to entice customers into making a purchase. They also provide specific convenient payment schemes like easy EMI that encourage them to make big purchases.


12. CRM feature incorporated within Distributor Management System:

Integrating customer relationship management features into DMS guarantees customer satisfaction and loyalty. You save a lot of resources and still stay ahead with customer engagement efforts! Your Distributor Management System Software makes this easy and effective.


13. Manage all distributor claims easily:

Distributor relationships are very important. By easily managing and resolving distributor claims using DMS, you can avoid any scope of miscommunication. DMS helps you with claims from defective products, rewards, loyalty benefits, rewards, etc. You can resolve them promptly, thereby strengthening reliability and loyalty.


14. DMS provides a common ground for all communications:

A common platform for all communications increases transparency in the process and keeps everybody on the same page. Each member in the distribution cycle is timely intimated regarding the progress of the steps, and there is no room for any error in communication.


15. Better Scheme Management:

With regular updates and insights into customer purchase potential and preferences, distributors offer and regulate payment and promotional schemes to boost sales and returns.

Over 60% of the businesses that have embraced Sales Force Automation recorded a stark increase in sales revenue. Studies show that a major portion of it is due to the Distributor Management System Software that has contributed both qualitatively (strengthening distributor relations) and quantitatively (increased number of sales) to the processes.

If you want a magic hack to decrease resources and increase outputs, an efficient Distributor Management System is your answer. Are you on board yet?