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A to Z about Sales Force Automation App | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 09-Oct-2020
  • Sales Force Automation App

Sales force automation (SFA) is all about using sales automation software and creating workflows to create sales management simpler for everyone involved. The point of sales force automation is to simplify the sales process and mitigate the amount of manual, repetitive tasks for sales reps.

It creates contact management, opportunity management, and task management simpler by having the entire history and data of your interactions with a customer stored in one place. It also tracks sales leads and helps to set up reminders and notifications.

Grab a snack or two, and let’s dive into the world of Mobile Sales Force Automation Software and Sales Force Automation App.

What is the difference between SFA and CRM?

SFA structure can be incorporated into CRM (customer relationship management) systems, but don’t get puzzled!

SFA helps you monitor and analyze data and customer conversations throughout the entire customer lifecycle with the aim of keeping existing customers satisfied.

While a CRM is a system you use after-sale to retain and make your existing customers happy, sales force automation software or apps are used for customer accretion. We’ll get to all the information in just a minute, but let’s clarify the basic details first.

Why is Sales Force Automation significant?

As per the basic rule, administrative tasks should be automated because they take up time and resources without any reason that you could use for more valuable tasks. Sales force automation app can actually lessen the time taken up by sales administration by up to 14%.

In a nutshell, when done correctly, sales force automation improves your company’s revenue, increases your sales rate and enhances the productivity of your sales team. How, you might ask? Let’s dig in!

The Real benefits of Sales Force Automation:

    • Simplification of the sales process to increase productivity:When you cut out all the manual work from your daily sales tasks, you have much more time to focus on things such as creating useful conversations with your prospective customers. Pretty good, right? Mobile Sales Force Automation Software can even be functional on smart phones or other mobile devices to make using them extra significant.
    • Reduce the costs of sales:Once you’ve got your sales force automation software up and running, you’ll quickly see a

      downfall in sales process related costs. Moreover, you can also expect a potential raise in sales performance and revenue when the process becomes quicker and hazard-free.

      Well, the costs will reduce because time-consuming manual tasks are performed without nonstop input from a person. Your revenue will increase because you’ll be able to explore customers that are indeed a good match for your organization and close more deals faster.

    • Gain more data and information regarding your sales:SFA solutions provide a lot of interesting data that can help you manage your business intelligence and make strategy and target your sales efforts in the future. For example, the system knows your customers’ purchase history and can assume future sales based on that, and also help your sales team and sales managers provide the most useful products and services to the appropriate customer at the appropriate time.
    • Reduce your response time:You’ll have more time to focus on complicated areas like customer pain points throughout the sales process. Paying extra attention to response time and being proactive with customer service can help boost your customer satisfaction and overall customer experience. With an automated sales system, real-time replies are cheery!
    • Keep records and gather information:Your company has CRM software, right? But how about the records, information and data you usually collect during the sales process? Right now, you’re probably managing all of that manually into the system, if at all. Once you have your sales force automation app active, all of that can be done automatically, and expediently synced with your CRM system.
    • Lessen the possibility of human error:Have you ever lost a potential customer because of a simple human error like forgetting to contact them in actual time? Yes, we’ve all been there. An SFA system will remind you, and even contact that person for you, so manual human errors and mistakes like this will never occur again.

Sales Force Automation Process Checklist:

Finally, to sum everything up here’s a checklist to help you get started with sales force automation app and software:
      • Understand your sales process
      • Focus on your best leads with a lead scoring program
      • Automatically make deals and save the information you get from them
      • Automate responses to your prospects
      • Make reminders about moving forward in deals
      • Initiate deals through stages in your pipeline automatically, for example, scheduling meetings, accessing documents, payment and more
      • Always be prepared for the next stages after closing with automatic reminders to your team

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