• How can DMS be used to support overall business performance and growth of FMCG?

How can DMS be used to support overall business performance and growth of FMCG?

Posted By Max Mobility
On 21-Apr-2023
  • Distributor Management System

Managing the extensive cycle of the supply chain is a tremendous challenge for FMCG companies in tracing the dispatch of products from the warehouse to the end customer. And when the monitoring is done manually, sales and distribution complexities are likely to hit the rock bottom causing significant financial and reputation damage. Keeping a tab of the multi-tier distributor and retailer ecosystem is of vital importance to ensure error-free communication, monitoring, inventory management, and fair pricing to meet customer satisfaction and in turn, improve business performance.

What is a Distribution Management System?

A Distribution Management System (DMS) is specialized software to streamline the supply chain and logistics and enable complete visibility of secondary sales. To put simply, a distribution management system (DMS) is your all-in-one software solution to seamlessly track and manage different funnels of sales and distribution with guaranteed 100% accuracy and transparency.

GoSales is one such feature-packed advanced sales force automation (SFA) software that you can integrate with your company’s Distribution Management System through an open Application Program Interface (API) to transform the entire facet of sales and distribution at your fingertips.

Importance of GoSales as a Distributor Management System 

By switching to GoSales, you switch to an efficient distribution management system and enable maximum transparency and accuracy in the process.

Categorize distributor directory: You as the company CEO, chief sales officer, or sales team leader can create or upload details of the distributors/dealers and retailers with contact and location details from a single app. By using the GoSales distribution management system distributors can be categorized for single, multiple, or all categories of SKUs or products and if needed the admin can share web panel access with the distributors to insert instant details of the order received from the sales representatives and delivery status.

Secondary sales visibility: One of the important aspects of efficient distribution management for FMCG businesses is secondary sales visibility. With GoSales now you can track repeat sales and order reports from the distributors, identify the loyal audience and assess dynamic consumer behavior. By tracking customer experience, you can now create more personalized offerings for improved customer satisfaction. GoSales offer you an improved level of secondary and tertiary sales tracking at the micro market level like never before.

Fair pricing and promotions:  Price manipulation is a key challenge in multi-tier distribution where distributors and retailers can manipulate the product price and applicable offers to their interests. By integrating GoSales with your Distributor Management System, you are notified instantly when a sales executive takes orders and enters product code, name, and quantity. Besides, based on real-time consumer updates, FMCG brands now can manage pricing and promotions in a better way eliminating every little possibility of 3rd-party price manipulation.

Accurate Inventory management: GoSales enable you to keep an accurate tab of the existing stock of a product and send you instant notifications before it gets out of stock. With GoSales, the retailer can capture an image of the current stock of products and share the same with the company personnel which helps the company to plan the next stock. This also enables the company to get details of the products being delivered to the retailer through distributors and thus the company has complete control of the stock movement and ensures efficient inventory management.

Distributor Management App: As your business expands you are supposed to add more resources which will eventually increase the stress of manually managing every level distribution channel. GoSales by MaxMobility helps you efficiently manage your complex web of distributors while reducing time of order and delivery and bringing in more transparency. 

Takeaway: By integrating GoSales with your Distribution Management System, you can achieve 100% transparency and guaranteed accuracy in every aspect of the sales and distribution ecosystem. No matter how small or big your business, your inventory management should be streamlined to enable the optimum use of every resource in the ecosystem and cater to 100% customer satisfaction in the highly competitive and challenging market scenario. 

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