• How can workforce tracking improve employee productivity and efficiency?

How can workforce tracking improve employee productivity and efficiency?

Posted By Max Mobility
On 24-Apr-2023
  • Workforce Tracking

Imagine having a magical tool that can boost your workforce's productivity and efficiency. Well, that tool isn't magical, but it's just as powerful. Workforce tracking is the solution that many organizations use to keep their employees focused and accountable. It is a tool that not only benefits employers but also employees. With workforce tracking, employees can improve their performance, set better goals, and make better use of their time. In this response, we'll explore how workforce tracking can help improve employee productivity and efficiency.   Now, let's dive into the details!  

What does a Workforce Tracking Tool do?

A workforce tracking software involves monitoring an employee's activities and performance in the workplace and employees out in the field. When talking about workforce tracking, MaxTrack WFT (workforce tracker) is leading the league in offering multiple employee management functionalities besides just employee tracking and monitoring. This leading-edge software is programmed to track specific behaviors or actions, such as seamless field force management, time and attendance management, real-time location tracking, route optimization, and much more from a single app. The market for employee monitoring software was valued at USD 1.12 billion in 2021, according to Spherical Insights research. By 2030, it is expected to reach USD 2.10 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.2% from 2021 to 2030.  

How Does Workforce Tracking Software Help Boost Employee Productivity?

  Workforce tracking software can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve employee productivity. By providing real-time insights into employee activities and performance, this software can help organizations identify areas for improvement and optimize their processes. Here are some specific benefits of integrating workforce tracking software like MaxTrack WFT to tap into more than just tracking and monitoring.  
  • Boosts Field Force Productivity: Workforce tracking software can help companies with field-based teams improve their productivity by providing real-time location tracking and task management capabilities. This allows managers to monitor their team's progress, assign tasks more efficiently, and ensure that resources are being used efficiently.
  • Time Management: Workforce tracking software can help employees better manage their time by tracking the time spent on different tasks. This information can be used to identify areas where they may be spending too much or too little time, helping them prioritize their work and make better use of their time. By using MaxTrack WFT, your sales team now get instant field report to make informed sales decision than wasting time on manual entry and paperwork.
  • Seamless attendance management: With MaxTrack WFT at your service your field agents now can clock in and clock out from anywhere in real-time, while you are assured of no time theft.
  • Reduces Costs and Saves Money: MaxTrack WFT offers route optimization support to the users so you can remotely guide your field force the shortest and easiest route over a complex one for faster execution of tasks and reduction of travel expenses.
  • Improves Safety and Security: Now you exactly know where your on-field sales personnel are through effective geotagging. In case any agent is tracked missing out on the geo-tagged location, you will be alerted immediately with real-time notifications and do the needful to ensure maximum safety of your field workforce.

Tips to choose the best Workforce Tracking solution for your business

  Mobile Operator Independent: An integrated workforce tracking solution must operate seamlessly irrespective of the mobile service provider. MaxTrack WFT is a mobile operator-agnostic software and can be used without any dependency on mobile networks.   GPS based location tracking: MaxTrack WFT is programmed with GPS based location tracking that enables users to track the exact location of field force leading to a higher accuracy of data and report fetching.   Flexibility to customize and integrate: Depending on your business type, an advanced workforce solution must be customized according to the touchpoints. MaxTrack WFT is one such comprehensive digital solution that can be easily customized according to your business requirement and is easy to integrate.  

Final Words

In conclusion, MaxTrack WFT, a workforce tracking software can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to optimize their operations and improve employee productivity. It can help companies with field-based teams to manage their work more efficiently and provide real-time insights into employee performance. Additionally, it can aid in identifying areas for improvement and help safeguard sensitive information against insider threats. With an experience of over 15+ years, serving over 250+ customers and offering 1200+ apps and other digital solutions, we have come a long way to become an unrivaled name in the business. Our revolutionary digital applications are ready to run, with an affordable setup, and are easy to use at many locations. Feel free to contact us or email us at sales@maxmobility.in, or, call on +(0)33 2324 5925.