• Top benefits of workforce tracking for field service and mobile workforces

Top benefits of workforce tracking for field service and mobile workforces

Posted By Max Mobility
On 18-Apr-2023
  • Workforce Tracking

Managing a mobile workforce has been one of the biggest and most complex operational challenges for enterprises. With the advent and growing preference for remote working, organizations are now migrating to a flexible mode of operations and monitoring for uncompromised productivity and efficiency. 

The pandemic-ridden year was the time when both enterprises and the workforce reaped the full potential of technology and simplified daily operational chores at their fingertips. Cut to the present, businesses are reaping the rewarding benefits of workforce tracking to scale efficiency and productivity by providing remote workforces the utmost convenience of working from anywhere and anytime. 

MaxTrack WFT is a leading-edge and feature-packed workforce tracking solution for field service and mobile workforces designed by MaxMobility, a leading digital solution provider in Kolkata. Using a workforce tracking solution is the simplest way of bridging the gap between mobile reps, office reps, and customers with complete accuracy. 

Here is how MaxTrack WFT simplifies tracking your workforce and saves resources:

    • Effective monitoring with Geo-tagged feature: Equipped with advanced features like Geo-tagging, MaxTrack WFT allows you seamless tracking, monitoring, and managing your field representatives. You get updated information and geographical identification of every visit done by your field executives. 
    • Field force management: MaxTrack WFT enables you to seamlessly track and manage your field force efficiently irrespective of location. You can now track your field agents without any missing links and save maximum on your monthly expenses through seamless attendance tracking and accurate expense claims.
    • Automate operations: With MaxTrack WFT you can enable optimal efficiency by allowing your remote workforce to clock in and clock out from anywhere at their convenience. This not only reduces manual entry and paperwork but also eliminates instances of time theft that harm both work culture and productivity.
    • Auto tasks reminder: Do you often miss assigning tasks to your remote workforce? Now with MaxTrack WFT, you can create auto-notifications and reminders for your sales representatives as per their daily assignments. MaxTrack WFT ensures you and your workforce never miss an opportunity to double productivity and profit. 
    • Route Optimization: MaxTrack WFT comes with another notable feature that not only helps you monitor field force with 100% transparency and accuracy but also enables you to suggest them the easiest route. This unique route optimization support aids in the quick planning of the simplest route and minimizes unwanted travel expenses.
    • Analysis of past locations: With MaxTrack WFT from your phone or device, you can track and monitor your field agent’s past visits and analyze in-depth to derive the best performance out of your remote field agents.
  • Holiday management: MaxTrack WFT helps you efficiently manage the left bucket of your field agents so you can strategically deploy one for the other on leave. MaxTrack WFT is your one-stop personalized workforce tracker to tackle and solve multiple management issues at one go. Now you can seamlessly manage leave requests and approval to keep your workforce happy.

USP of MaxTrack WFT:

Following are the three unique features that make this MaxMobility product an instant hit among global enterprises in managing mobile workforces:  
  • Mobile operator independent which means this solution works seamlessly without network coverage
  • GPS-based location tracking leads to higher accuracy in every aspect of workforce tracking
  • Flexible, customizable, and easy to integrate
Now you get so many field force tracking and monitoring features embedded in a single next-gen solution curated by the experts at MaxMobility. Whether you work with a small or big team, enabling efficiency at any cost is the key to sustaining in the competitive market and promoting brand authority. With an experience of over 15+ years, serving over 250+ customers and offering 1200+ apps and other digital solutions, we have come a long way to become an unrivaled name in the business. Our revolutionary digital applications are ready to run, with an affordable setup, and are easy to use at many locations. Feel free to contact us or, email us at sales@maxmobility.in, or, call on +(0)33 2324 5925.