• How To Choose The Right Employee GPS Tracking Software For Your Field Salesforce? | Maxmobility

How To Choose The Right Employee GPS Tracking Software For Your Field Salesforce? | Maxmobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 04-Nov-2022
  • Field Force Management

Managing field sales force has always been a complex affair for any company with an ever-expanding team. As technology is leaping every now and then, both employers and employees are switching to a more flexible working schedule to bring in more efficiency and accuracy.

While this innovation-driven work model is a bliss, it also triggers certain drawbacks in remote working like lack of employee whereabouts, inaccurate log-in and log-out, unverified data sharing, unverified mounting travel expenses, and other endless bottlenecks.

Field sales forces are the most valuable assets of any established or growing enterprises to capture the grass root market level and act as brand ambassadors. They are the ones to physically reach out to the local and regional distributors and retailers, generating revenue and gathering the latest market insights for the desk sales team to evaluate the honey spots and set strategies.

If you too are looking for a GPS-enabled workforce tracker for your field sales force, here are certain factors you must consider while narrowing down your preference list.

Device and OS compatibility: Make sure the workforce tracker you are eyeing is compatible and designed for use across multiple devices like smartphones or laptops of both Android and iOS users. This is the most searched factor that buyers or enterprises look out for to ensure maximum operational convenience for both employers and employees.

GPS enabled: There are many workforce tracking software with cell-id-based location tracking which is a big NO for your purpose as it mostly leads to lower accuracy. But with a GPS-enabled workforce tracker, you can seamlessly track your employee’s current location and whereabouts with higher accuracy.

Mobile operator agnostic: Implementing a workforce tracker with seamless mobile operator integration is the smartest way to keep a tab of your individual sales personnel without adapting to a different network and avoid applicable portability charges.

User-friendly admin panel: Once you choose the ideal workforce tracker, always ask for a demo in the first place to get hands-on insights about the features and usability of the software. Always pick an intuitively made workforce tracker with a user-friendly admin panel and features for a simplified operational experience.

Integration flexibility: Adopting an obsolete workforce tracker with an integration barrier and non-customizable features is a sure shot way to integrate more problems. Hence go for a custom field salesforce tracking solution for maximum integration flexibility across major mobile platform and employee management system.

Easy sub-user access sharing: Remember, the workforce tracker you are choosing is to seamlessly manage your workforce so it must offer easy access sharing across the management, sales manager, or desk sales executives as required for uninterrupted sales force management on the go.

Route optimization support: One of the biggest challenges of managing field sales agents is their mountain travel expense claims that adversely affect the company’s balance sheet. Hence we recommend a workforce tracker with geotag-enabled route optimization support so you can suggest the easiest route to your workforce and reduce travel expenses.

Brand factor: And, lastly don’t ignore the brand factor while looking for the best GPS tracking solution for your field salesforce. While you have endless options from different brands to choose from, always trust the key player in the business like MaxMobility, a renowned tech solution provider offering next-gen workforce tracker like MaxTrack WFT built to simplify your everyday field agents tracking and monitoring. MaxTrack WFT enables you to

1.Seamless tracking and monitoring of your field force

2. Real-time tracking with on-field solutions

3. Less paperwork leads to efficient resource-saving

4. Accurate employee log-in and log-out updates

5. Assigning instant tasks and assignments

For detailed features and functionalities, request a free demo today for an all-new remote workforce tracking experience.