• Mobile Apps are of different types too, just like your business needs! | MaxMobility

Mobile Apps are of different types too, just like your business needs! | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 08-Dec-2020
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Statistics show us that 49% of our population opens some mobile app or the other with a daily frequency of 11+ times in a day! If you think about the sheer vastness of this number, you can understand why Mobile App Development Companies are coming up with new technologies everyday to revamp your app experience! An up-to-date mobile app with the latest features aids business in-processes and also enhances customer experience.

The world of Mobile App Development is an ever-evolving cosmos of new technologies and innovations coming up on a daily basis. Every technology solution stems from the various needs and demands of your businesses. As such,Mobile App Development Companies in India are forever grappling with newer techniques and different kinds of apps that can successfully resolve client issues and demands.

The three different kinds of Mobile Apps:

The field of Mobile App Development sees newer trends and novelty innovations every year. With that in perspective, the three major types of mobile apps that are pervading the market are:

Native Mobile Apps:

These native mobile apps adhere to a single platform, whether it’s Apple iOS, Google’s Android, or Windows Phone. These apps are optimized as per these platforms. Therefore, their user experience is also optimal on their native platforms.

For instance, there is a wide range of native apps from navigation programs such as Waze to social apps like Twitter. These native apps always have a UI that matches better with User Experience.

Hybrid Apps:

All Hybrid Apps can be developed through the HTML5 programming language. They can be installed on your devices just like native apps, but they run through web browsers. Hybrid apps do not run as fast as native apps. But the perk of using hybrid apps is that they can be used on any platform, so your business saves resources and time needed to make apps for specific platforms. Hybrid apps are ideal content delivery apps. For instance, Uber, Evernote are some of the top hybrid apps in use.

Web Apps:

Web Apps are the apps built by using popular programming languages, but they cannot use hardware on any mobile device or be sold in any app store. Simply a web app is a mobile optimized website designed to run fluidly on smartphones. A web app can be accessed via any browser. Web apps require a networking interface machine like a server to run.

For instance, Amazon is a classic example of a web app that uses Java, C++, and Perl. When it comes to your business in-processes, many apps brought to you by leading Mobile App Development Companies can revolutionize the way things are run at your company. Sales Force Automation Apps let you seamlessly manage your workforce at the click of a button! For instance, GoSales, one of MaxMobility’s cutting edge products, is a Sales Force Automation App that only infuses efficiency into your in-processes but also optimizes customer satisfaction index by enabling successful customer interactions.

As the recent trends are leaning largely towards mobile optimization, one can easily envision apps running businesses in the near future. You want to ensure seamless team coordination at work? Slack is your answer, want flawless Sales Force management at a single click? Gosales! Every one of your business processes can be managed better and more efficiently by using apps. Now that we know all about Native Apps, Web Apps, and hybrid apps, let’s take a quick, closer look at the mobile app revolution that is transforming businesses:

● Mobile Apps go a long way in enhancing Enterprise Mobility. As we are standing at the brink of 2020, looking at a new year in the midst of this Covid crisis, the corporate workforce is resorting to remote work arrangements. Native Apps built into the devices of the employees ensure data security and accessibility of critical information from anywhere.

● Mobile Sales Force Automation Software is an invaluable tool that you can use to manage salesperson competence, aid customer interaction, as well as creating a ready knowledge database for future employee training.

● Field Force Management, automating management procedures, customer digital signatures, not only increases efficiency of the processes, but also aids accessibility, enhances speed, and promotes mobility within your workforce.

● When your system procedures are mobile optimized, you get ready assessment reports at the click of a button! With the right apps, you are just one push notification away from employee performance assessment, regulating strategy effectiveness, timely audits, surveys and reports.

Mobile App Development Companies are pulling out all the stops to bring you the latest innovative app solutions for your business processes. Mobile App Management (MAM) tools are being developed daily to secure your data, promote enterprise mobility, and even enforce various safety protocols in case of any data breach. With the advancements in Mobile App Development, everyday, it is becoming easier to let apps rule your business processes.

Successful Retail Apps are adding to revenue boost everyday, while Sales Force Automation Apps are increasing efficiency and transparency of the Sales Cycle omitting chances of human errors in repetitive tasks. Time is being saved, accessibility is being optimized, and everyday millions within the corporate workforce are embracing different kinds of mobile apps for seamlessly managing their business processes.