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State of the art App Solutions to take the market by storm in 2021 | MaxMobility

Posted By Max Mobility
On 19-Jan-2021
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You will be shocked to hear that the total revenue generated from mobile apps worldwide was 461.7 billion dollars in 2019 alone! That was a whopping leap from the 365.2 billion dollars generated in 2018. Is it any wonder that Mobile App Development Companies are pulling out all the stops while innovating their apps? 1. The ‘App Boom’ is upon us:

While the upside of this ‘app boom’ is obviously greater accessibility, revenue boost, etc. one can not overlook the heightened competition this spells for Mobile App Development Companies. The android play store alone has 2.87 million apps for users to choose from. With the availability of this many number of options, it is extremely easy to slip into what is called ‘digital chaos.’ Every year the revenue obtained from mobile apps is going through huge leaps. This is an indicator that needs are increasing and consumers are embracing apps to fulfill a vast range of purposes in their daily lives. Therefore, standing at the brink of 2020, let us take you through the leading edge app solutions and ideas to take the 2021 digital scenario by storm!

2. Which platforms are you targeting?

One of the key things to understand about mobile app development is platform optimization. Mobile apps run on varied platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android. There are various factors that determine the platform on which the app will be deployed. Factors such as app brand, target audience, app features, and pricing strategy are the determinants for this. A Mobile App Development Company worth its salt should have vast experience and bandwidth required to optimize apps as per its platform.

3. App usage is as varied as the industry it is based on:

Apart from the platform-based variations, app features are based on the type of industry it covers. Since convenience, accessibility, and reach are the factors tipping the scales in favour of mobile apps, it is important optimize these factors to ensure your mobile app stands out among its competition.

4. Retail Apps generate the largest revenue:

When it comes to retail apps, the following are the features you need to target to give it that leading edge over the rest:
    • Easy to Use Interface:
While creating a retail app that fulfills its purpose, it is important to focus on the first element that your customer will be interacting with. Your user interface ought to live up to the brand panache and purpose. Also remember not to overdo it by loading too much information into your UX. Your UX is a major element of Brand Recognition. You need to ensure it captures the brand essence in the form of brand colours, consistent logo designs, and other aspects that create your brand identity.
    • Seamless purchase options:
Mobile apps thrive because of the accessibility factor. So, where retail apps are concerned, you need to ensure you utilize the full potential of the accessibility option. Create as smooth a purchase procedure for your customer as possible. A seamless purchase process encourages impulse buys. Your app is at your consumer’s disposal 24*7, imagine the revenue boosting possibilities of creating a smooth buyer experience suited for the purpose of promoting impulse buys!
    • Loyalty Options:
Loyalty options are a major part of retail apps, benefiting consumers and brands alike. Includes as many push notification features, referral benefits, loyalty points updates as possible so that the customers feel connected to your brand all the time. Loyalty programs are of prime importance while retaining customers as well as expanding the existing customer base.
    • Customizing features based on Customer buying preferences:
A lot has been done and said regarding personalizing options that can help customers takeaway more value from your apps. Your apps can map out the purchase preferences of the consumers based on purchase history, and personalizing alerts and notifications based on that. Apps that are equipped with machine learning know what the customers need and provide them that exactly at the right time. There are many futuristic applications of this kind of personalized content that your apps could utilize to be of more relevance to the users.

5. Navigation Apps provide Mobile App Development Companies a lot of scope for innovation:

Another kind of app that is gaining its ground among users are navigation apps. Navigation apps are going a mile further nowadays to include various traffic updates and rerouting options to provide its users with a more valuable experience. For instance, MaxMobility took the leap in innovating a tracking app called MaxTrack that uses a GPS/GSM device with the app to send real-time movement records to parents while their children were on their way from/to school. This solution by MaxMobility has not only made its mark as a navigation app, but also gained ground in the field of education with many prominent schools subscribing to this and entrusting the safe travel of their children on our solution.

6. Mobile Apps are slowly seeping into business in-processes:

While we are talking about consumer-based apps, it is also primary to mention apps used by businesses for efficient handling of their in-processes. Sales Force Automation is all the rage now based on its multifaceted advantages for businesses. A Sales Force automation app should be equipped with the latest software that not only optimizes in-processes but also enables better and more efficient customer-salesperson interactions. Trailblazing in this field is MaxMobility’s Sales Force Automation App, GoSales, that brings flawless Sales Force management to your fingertips.

7. Your app could revolutionize Customer Service:

It is said that Digital Transformation is slowly revolutionizing customer service. Customer service is one of the prime pillars supporting the entire customer digital experience. You can utilize the potential of this opportunity by creating apps that provide valuable customer service with a single click. These apps are entirely consumer-based. Therefore, you need to focus on providing a seamless app experience here to address all customer issues. For instance, Max Mobility’s leading edge solution GoService has made its mark by providing customers with timely support. As the face of customer service is slowly changing, urgency is the need of the day. GoService brings the fastest customer support solutions within an app that is personalized to optimize user convenience.

8. The ‘app boom’ is upon us and there is no way a business can survive in this competitive market without fully utilizing its potential. From retail apps to navigation apps, each and every one of your app solutions need to have the latest in-built features to stand its ground in this competitive digital market. At the brink of 2020, we can see remote accessibility of information and purchase options is what customers are having to lean towards due to the COVID crisis. The economy is leaning towards digitalization more than ever now, and it won’t be surprising if revenue from apps doubles or even trebles in 2021.

9. Mobile App Development Companies need to be on their best game to make the best of this ‘app boom’ by providing their apps with these cutting edge features so they become relevant and significant for their target users.

Focus on creating trailblazing app solutions to take 2021 by storm, because novelty always attracts the best!