About the Client

A MaxMobility solution helped Indian oil make Durga Puja celebration come alive with its ingenuity.

Indian Oil is a name that needs no introduction.

As an effect to be more relevant in the lives of its consumers every day, they conceived the idea of a consumer connect app for grand festivals tool.


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    Oil & Natural Gas
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Project Challenges

Indian Oil joined hands with MaxMobility who helped design and execute the proactive IO Celebration app!

This solution had to:

  • 01
    Keep the spirit and sentiment of Durga Puja intact while guiding customers across the city towards the best celebrations.
  • 02
    Be fully equipped to cater to 8000+ users.
  • 03
    Deliver value with a rushed time window.
  • 04
    Gather all information within just 10 days and ensure that it is disseminated properly.
  • 05
    To be made live with all QC done within 10 working days
  • 06
    Sort and categorize all data - vernacular data also needed to be translated.

The MaxMobility Solution

Ease of use and Excellence are the tell-tale sign of any MaxMobility solution.

We delivered an app that could:

  • Provide live traffic update during puja pandal-hopping.
  • Help users navigate to Pujas with entry and exit marked clearly.
  • List of 100+ prominent Pujas by category like Area, Puja type, etc.
  • Recount the history of the Pujas.
  • Useful 'Near Me' features to spot nearby petrol pumps eateries, emergency services, etc.
  • List the latest updates regarding award- wining Pujas.
  • Encourage interacting experiences by letting users upload photos and anecdotes and share them.
  • Have an useful blog section shedding light on various Puja themes.
  • Encourage more engagement through immersive contests, referral, rewards, etc.
  • Disseminate information regarding Indian Oil initiatives.

The Impact

A solution that can do so much is bound to gather up a storm of accolades in its wake.

And so it did!

  • 01

    With daily coding sprints and uploads, shashti(first day of puja) we saw over 5k app downloads.
  • 02

    With our marketing partner, UrsDigitally, leveling up the marketing game we witnessed a huge wave of audience engagement.
  • 03

    By the last day of Puja, the app had been downloaded by 9893 users.
  • 04

    We were the second most downloaded in the category on Play store.
  • 05

    User engagement was oaring almost 3k users uploading two or more images.

The entire effort added sheen to the gorgeous Durga Puja celebration and became another colorful feather in our hat of stellar solution.

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