About the Client

Madura Coats is a subsidiary of Coats, a leading industrial thread company based in the UK. With its focus on sustainability, the company has attained great heights in the field of textile technology and garnered even more acclaim as a provider of value-adding products, services, and software solutions to Apparel as well as Footwear industry.

With its extensive range of fabrics & yarns, Madura Coats has been touching the lives of crafters around the globe who are known for weaving wonders into fabric.

As a company focused on Textile, Talent, and Technology, Madura Coats found its perfect Digital Transformation partner in MaxMobility to help them fulfill the need for innovation that fuels their company spirit.


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Project Challenges

Just as with greater power comes greater responsibility, with a huge SQA (Software Quality Assurance) list comes a greater need for efficient management.

When Madura Coats approached MaxMobility, they needed help with the following:

  • 01
    Collecting order from the market & back-reporting to their respective Depo in the area within the same flow
  • 02
    An effective means to ensure proper order execution in the Depo
  • 03
    Monitoring their sales force with real-time tracking and attendance
  • 04
    Assessing Sales Team Performance
  • 05
    Resolving distributor demands & checking distributor performance

The MaxMobility Solution

Our Sales Force Automation App, GoSales, was instrumental in revolutionizing Sales team management for Madura Coats.

GoSales also transformed the way orders were being taken and executed that left a ringing echo in overall efficiency & technology.

Following are the ways in which the GoSales solution transformed their business processes entirely:

  • All orders are being taken from the app & registered there.
  • Orders are being executed by respective admins and the process progress is being duly recorded.
  • Expense reports & daily sales reports are being generated to assess sales performance .

The Impact

The resounding impact of Digital Transformation Solutions is never restricted to one business process. It echoes across the entire business framework.

When MaxMobility introduced Madura Coats to Sales Force Automation Solution, the business upgraded from a legacy system to a new-age mobility transformation model.

Clearly, the numbers reflected:

  • 01

    35% increase in Field Representative Productivity
  • 02

    12% cost reduction
  • 03

    12% cost reduction
  • 04

    2 Lakhs+ transactions recorded

GoSales has been providing Madura Coats with a 360-degree view of its sales operations for years now. The solution has been operational pan-India & has had a striking impact on ROI & in-processes alike.

Get on board with the Sales Force Automation revolution & let GoSales transform your business processes today!

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