About the Client

Innovators, scientists, engineers, business strategists - the dynamic Qualcomm team is dedicated to ushering in a new generation of innovative mobile & digital experiences. It is a globally acclaimed multinational corporation known for manufacturing semiconductors and wireless telecommunication products. With global acclaim and expertise gathered over decades, Qualcomm prides itself on the universality of their innovations. With an all-pervading and far-reaching product network, Qualcomm innovations are intricately connected to the lives of consumers worldwide.


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Project Challenges

The wider your network, the greater is your need to employ leading-edge Digital Transformation Services for optimizing the multitudinous workflows. Despite having the best minds working for you, you may find productivity slowing down due to lack of innovation and ease of accessibility.

Qualcomm was standing at a similar precipice when they approached MaxMobility. They were using an email-based legacy system for managing communications, reporting, issue-resolution, etc. This existing system had several drawbacks:

  • 01
    Less effective communication
  • 02
    Greater downtime slowing workflows
  • 03
    Greater TAT (Turnaround Time)
  • 04
    Rise in Consumer Complaints

The MaxMobility Solution

One of the major things to keep in mind while providing Qualcomm with the right solutions was innovating while not tampering with the existing legacy system too much. The key objective was to reduce the Turnaround Time through process innovations keeping the existing framework intact and functioning.

With these objectives mapped out before us, the MaxMobility team devised the following solutions:

  • We worked upon the existing legacy system and implemented an email to SMS conversion system.
  • The SMSs could do wonders to the Turnaround Time while being an easy and seamless solution to the issues
  • These SMSs were to form a wide pan-India network and be circulated everywhere.

The Impact

As one of the leading Digital Transformation Companies in India, we believe that the real success of our solutions is reflected not only in client satisfaction but how the solutions impact our clients’ clients as well. At MaxMobility, we only look at results as testimony to a job well done:

  • 01

    The email-to-sms conversion reduced the Turnaround Time to a mere 15 seconds.
  • 02

    Customer Satisfaction Index was soaring, resonating on a pan-India scale
  • 03

    Uptime reached above 99%

With the MaxMobility Solution in place, Qualcomm has handled over 3.5 million transactions so far!

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